Why are we relentless about improving patient safety?

Pegwin Cares.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Pegwin team works tirelessly to create forward-thinking solutions that contribute to higher quality healthcare for a safer, better patient experience.

Meet our Team

What Drives Us?

Using technology to remove risk from care delivery

We believe hospitals and caregivers want to provide the best care and patient experience possible. No one purposefully intends for patients and their families to suffer the heart-wrenching loss of a loved one or injury from a medical mistake. The saying that “we’re only human, and humans make mistakes” is true. It's in our nature. Potential mistakes are there, waiting to happen for any number of reasons and circumstances, some minor, some not.

We also believe that patient harm is preventable. In fact, we know it. In our view, the worst thing about making a mistake is not learning from it and using it as an opportunity to do better in the future.

Our story is one of doing everything in our power to stop patient harm and the suffering that goes hand in hand with avoidable medical errors. That’s why our multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to using our collective expertise in safety, process improvement, and quality and risk management to help hospitals, large and small. With an unrelenting focus on patient safety, we at Team Pegwin strive to help and support caregivers by combining our knowledge with leading-edge technology to create useful, meaningful patient safety solutions that work.

Why? Because we care.