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Pegwin Cares.


Predict and prevent harm to save lives
Improve value-based care margins

Can your patient safety solution do both?

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With Pegwin, your hospital can improve virtually every aspect of patient safety, leading to better outcomes and lower organizational costs.

Your hospital is a highly complex ecosystem with many stakeholders who have very different goals and challenges to meet. The primary mission is to heal people and save lives, but, to achieve optimal patient care, every function and level must work in sync. That’s why our patient safety solutions are designed to impact the whole enterprise.

Whether you’re a small rural hospital or large urban, multi-hospital care system, Pegwin can predict and prevent patient harm regardless of the environment. You can depend on our solutions which are both measurable and reliable.

From clinicians working under stressful conditions to a CFO’s concern for fiscal well being, we have the right tools and insights for every level of your enterprise. With Pegwin’s customizable, high performance features, you can benefit from improved patient safety and quality of care while realizing higher margins and an enhanced community reputation.

How Does Pegwin Work?

Pegwin Knows - The Power of Cognitive Connections

By merging sophisticated technologies, Pegwin cognitively connects the whole enterprise – clinical, operations and business - to predict and prevent harm.

Pegwin is constantly learning, modeling, and looking for hidden connections to make your patient safety efforts function better across the entire enterprise. Utilizing Enterprise Intelligent Resources (EIR), a combination of predictive analytics, AI and machine learning - Pegwin perpetually seeks, finds and connects all patient safety data from all relevant sources, including interactions and encounters.

We go beyond insights to give you the visibility and tools you need:
  • Enterprise-wide integration of fragmented patient safety data
  • Real-time, evolving intelligence
  • Actionable recommendations from meaningful, cognitive insights
  • Proactive prevention of harm
  • Visual graphics for quick and easy data comprehension
  • Unique dashboards for nursing, quality improvement and executives

Your ability to discover and “see” key insights, trends and risk probabilities gives your hospital the power “to know” and actually modify outcomes before harm occurs.

The Heart of Patient Safety

Caregivers want and strive to do their best, but a hospital floor is a highly active, unpredictable environment where one misstep can have serious consequences for patient safety. No amount of training changes the fact that we are all humans, and we all make mistakes.

Whether you’re a nurse arriving on shift or a director in charge of multiple units, we give you easy access to critical patient risk data via a customized, interactive dashboard. From acquired infections and adverse drug events, to patient falls and incidents, Pegwin helps raise safety awareness and reduce the potential of mistakes.

  • Efficiently prioritize care with color-coded visuals that allow staff to quickly ascertain the current risk environment by patient, group or unit level.
  • Prevent harm with self-adjusting patient safety risk meters, actionable risk management protocols and visual confirmations that easily integrate into workflow.
  • Adapt to changes in a patient’s condition or new patients reaching the floor with streaming input of live data that allows our smart system to evolve in real time.

Quality and Risk Management
Exceptional Visibility Leads to Outstanding Care

While traditional methods look backwards to identify patterns for change, Pegwin’s potent cloud-based technology connects historical data to what is happening in real time to predict what is likely to happen next.

Quality and risk management decisions can be complex. Effective decisions depend on easy access to meaningful insights that produce actionable intelligence. Pegwin gives you true visibility with up-to-the minute risk and financial impact trends.

Our interoperable smart system provides:

  • A risk score for each unit, department, site, region and system which accurately represents an overall risk level. In-depth views include patient services, hospital centers and care units.
  • Quality metrics that reflect the financial impact for an individual patient or group of patients at an organizational level with real-time trends.
  • Advanced management systems for streamlined safety, quality reporting and investigations.

Enhanced Patient Safety Can Elevate Profitability and Reputation

For executive stakeholders, the resource allocation needed to stop preventable harm must be balanced with budget constraints and a hospital’s fiscal well being. Patient safety resources are often compromised due to shrinking budgets.

With Pegwin, you can be assured our solution not only pays for itself, but contributes to your bottom line. Your hospital can realize immediate benefits and margin improvement. How?

  • More positive outcomes equate to lower penalties for HAC performance scores and readmissions.
  • Actualized results occur within months with an estimated ROI of 3:1.
  • Higher patient satisfaction elevates community standing and institutional reputation.

Why choose Pegwin?

Pegwin Works – High Reliability Healthcare Delivered

Our customized, digital healthcare solutions optimize patient safety to deliver measurable results.

Our patient safety solutions give you the ability to prevent harm and save lives while also being cost effective. That’s a win-win, for you and your patients.

How will Pegwin help your hospital?
  • Engaged staff and awareness leads to better outcomes
  • Reduced HACs and readmissions
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Streamlined quality and risk management
  • Real-time visibility for key leadership decisions
  • Improved clinical staff retention and less turnover
  • Increased margins and enhanced reputation

Healthcare is only beginning to integrate the digital health solutions that will reshape the patient care landscape. At Pegwin, we have the technology and the “know how” to improve your patient safety and quality of care now.

Let us help you take the next step on your journey to high reliability healthcare.